Yuval Yishay, Partner

Attorney Yuval Yishay started out in the office of Woolfson, Weinstein and Co. in 2007 as an articling student. After receiving his license to practice law, he joined the office’s team as a full-fledged attorney.

Yuval advises and represents clients of the office in commercial transactions and agreements, investment and finance transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and international transactions, and represents foreign entities in Israel from negotiation and legal risk assessment to drafting and executing agreements. He also accompanying represents and advises clients on an ongoing basis. This includes providing assistance with determining employment procedures organizing and supervising board of directors meetings, audit boards, finance committees, and administration.

In addition, Yuval is a top-level attorney in the office in Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law. In this area, he advises companies and individuals beginning with preventative measures and also preparing in advance of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, and continuing with initiating, advising and attending to settlements with creditors. Yuval also advises officers and directors in matters implicating corporate officer and director liability, in defending and ensuring protection of their rights.

In the field of international commerce law, Yuval counsels in cases involving medicinal cannabis, a field that has grown significantly, in Israel, in recent years, in light of the developing processes of legalization, in which he represents his clients in various projects being conducted in Israel and overseas.

Yuval also represents individuals, companies and developers vis-à-vis various departments of the Tax Authority. He is participating in a special project in the office taxation department, which provides legal representation to employers for tax refunds from the Tax Authority as part of a tax refund project resulting from computer system errors at the Tax Authority.

Yuval is also practice in labor law and in the management of Estates, including the issuance of inheritance orders and orders for probate of a will and handling objections to these proceedings.

Yuval also litigates in the abovementioned practice areas.

Practice Areas:

Commercial and Corporate LawInternational Commercial and Corporate LawBankruptcy and InsolvencyTax Law, Labor ַand Employment LawWills, Trusts and Estates and  Litigation

Sha’arei Mishpat – The College of Legal Studies, LL.B, 2008

Bar Admission: Israel, 2009

Languages: Hebrew, English