Yigal Weinstein, Managing Partner

Attorney Yigal Weinstein is a Managing Partner in the firm of Woolfson, Weinstein & Co.

Yigal has a wealth of experience in many fields of commercial and civil law, corporations, banking, international commercial law, tenders, real estate, international transactions, labor law, taxation, wills and inheritance and he also serves as an arbitrator and mediator in multiple commercial and property disputes.

Yigal is a team-leader in the representation of clients in complex civil and commercial litigation cases, and also criminal – economic litigation cases in all proceedings.

In the field of insolvency, Yigal has been appointed by Regional Courts as a Special Administrator, trustee, liquidator for corporations in the process of stay of proceedings, insolvency and bankruptcy. Furthermore, Yigal represents debtors and creditors in a variety of those processes. In that field Yigal counsels and guides, companies and individuals. Starting with preventative measures and initial preparations for the process of bankruptcy and economic rehabilitation, and through the instigation of, and advice with, creditors’ composition agreements. Yigal also counsels executives in companies facing difficulties, with regard to executive responsibility and the way to defend themselves and protect their rights.

Yigal handles commercial transactions and agreements, start-up companies, investment and finance transactions, mergers and take-overs, international transactions, and representation of foreign bodies in Israel, starting from the stage of negotiations and analysis of legal risks, on to the formulating of agreements and, later, their implementation, and he represents his clients in front of various regulatory authorities in Israel and overseas.

In addition, Yigal helps the firm’s clients, giving advice and legal opinions as the foundation for the client’s activity in a variety of fields.

In recent years, Yigal has represented and assisted significant complex transactions in a variety of fields, including: defense systems’ transactions for countries in East Africa – as part of this representation, the firm represented the clients in the regulatory process before Deca (Defense Exports Control Agency), a deal in oil technology in Eastern Asia, Russia and Africa. Amongst his customers in this field, one can find major international corporations, that act in various countries in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia, areas of commerce and infrastructure, defense export, real estate and energy.

In view of his wealth of experience, over many years, in the field of international law, Yigal won a government tender and was appointed legal counsel to “HaIgud – Society for the Transfer of Technology” a governmental company, under the aegis of the Treasury and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is responsible for the promotion of international cooperation between the State of Israel and the overseas countries.

In recent years, Yigal has also served as Chair and member of various Bar Association committees, including: the Courts Committee, The Ethics Committee, Law – Net Committee and Internship Committee.

Practice Areas:

Commercial and Corporate LawInternational Commercial and Corporate LawRegulation and Regulatory ComplianceReal Estate and Land LawBankruptcy and InsolvencyExecution of JudgmentsDebt Collection, and InsolvencyCriminal Law – White Collar CrimeLabor and Employment LawWills, Trusts and EstatesTax Law and Litigation

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.B, 2000
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.M, 2001

Bar Admission: Israel, 2001

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian