Urban Renewal (Vacate and Renovate)

In recent years, there has been significant momentum in the field of urban renewal in general, and its specific application in Jerusalem, where numerous residential blocks have formed associations for the purpose of implementing “vacate and renovate” projects.

This legal field requires specialized knowledge and vast experience, in addition to the ability to work with numerous municipal and governmental authorities and in variety of legal areas, while simultaneously working with a large number of clients.

Our office represents tenants in these expansive projects, starting with the
auction phase; choosing the developer and the administrator; during the negotiation and agreement stage; while vacating the property; and until the registration of the new apartments in the names of their eligible owners.

During this extensive legal process that can take several years until completion, we provide our clients with ongoing and accessible representation that is tailored to their specific needs.

Representatives of resident associations can trust in, and be certain of, our expansive experience in this field as well as our accessibility that provides all residents with the confidence that they will receive and become entitled to the maximum amount of rights within the framework of the legal process commonly known as “vacate and renovate”.

In order to prevent potential conflicts of interest, our office focuses the
representation of residents in the field of urban renewal.

Our office provides its clients with the best presentation that is possible to

Our office represents a number of projects including:

Three projects in the Gilo neighborhood – 331 existing units;

A project in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood – 126 existing units;

A project in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood – 180 units;


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