18.3.19 – Once again we’ve been ranked as one of the outstanding law firms in Israel, for the practice area of Bankruptcy & Insolvency, according to 2019 DUN’S 100 guide.

29.11.18 – Insolvency and Labor Law – Delkov, the cabinet company, has made an offer to purchase Paz Kitchens, which had crashed: Attorney and Partner in our firm, Rachel Ben Rachamim Sobol, is representing the employees of Paz Kitchens, which collapsed, financially, a few months ago.
Delkov has recently offered to purchase the company’s activity and to find a solution for the employees whom we represent.
After negotiations with Delkov, in which we demanded a significant improvement in the initial terms of employment on offer, all our demands were accepted.
In the coming days, the temporary receiver will perform an elicitation of the two proposals made for the purchase of the company’s activity.
For further details, click here.

26.11.18 – Insolvency – Attorney Yigal Weinstein and Attorney Shachar Katovitz have, today, submitted, to the Jerusalem Regional Court, an application for the granting of a stay of proceedings order, in the name of the cooperative society, “Co-op Israel”, and “Co-op Israel” supermarket chain, which has not collapsed economically, but has decided to lodge an application now, in view of the society’s cash-flow situation, and with the aim of rehabilitating the company.
For further details, click here.

18.10.18 – International Commercial Law – Proud to be part of WasiHub and Sun & Sand team and represent the Parties at their Joint Venture.
Sun & Sand group is a mining company, located in India and London, who has branches in Africa and South America.
WasiHub is a blockchain company, and its vision is to create and utilize blockchain technology to revolutionize the mineral mining industry.

19.08.18 – International Commercial Law – Our law firm counsels and represents Varshney Capital Corp., an a venture capital, merchant banking, corporate advisory services firm with a specialization in a public venture capital, from Vancouver Canada, in their activities in Israel. It was a pleasure hosting the founder and partner Mr. Hari Varshney, and Mr. Karan Thakur, a partner at the fund, during their visit to Israel. During their visit, we advanced a deal regarding the industry of medical cannabis. We are now constructing the legal and commercial framework of the agreement for the deal to materialize. The fund is interested also in promoting deals with Israeli HiTec companies, emphasizing on the Israeli security industry.

25.6.18 – Insolvency and Labor Law – Attorney Rachel Ben Rachamim Sobol, a partner in our law firm, is representing employees of the “Marko Shoes” firm which has lately encountered financial difficulties for the second time. The first instance occurred two years ago when a court ordered a stay of proceedings to the company. Then too, Adv. Ben Rachamim Sobol represented the employees in their attempt for debt arrangement. Unfortunately, when the company could not meet the terms of the debt arrangement, it was cancelled, and an insolvency plea was issued versus the company.

14.6.18 – Commercial Law – our firm, led by Attorney Ruth Spitzer, won a claim on behalf of our client – one of Israel’s largest advertising agencies. The Court accepted the line that we presented, namely that there was an oral contract ”signed” between our client and the defendant. It must be pointed out that this was an exceptional agreement, in the opinion of most, which would not be easily recognized in all courts. Our client won the entire sum claimed, after, a few months ago, winning a claim against the company for which the defendant was a guarantor.

4.6.18 – Class Action – Attorney Tziki Woolfson, a managing partner in our law firm, has recently submitted a class-action lawsuit versus Comsign Ltd. a company approving digital signatures for Israeli citizens, organization and companies by a unique smart card, for use in such realms as court submissions, medical prescription signatures, documents for various authorities, etc.
The dependence on the smart card motivates clients to renew their membership several days before the card’s expiration. Our suit deals with a double billing by Comsign in the congruent period of the existing and new contract.
Damages are split between a Claim for ordinary Damages in the estimated amount of NIS 1.5 million, as well as compensatory damages and exemplary damages (according to the Consumer Protection Law) in an amount to be determined by the court and which can be up to hundreds of milions NIS.

24.5.18 – New appointment – Attorney and managing partner Yigal Weinstein has recently been appointed as the legal advisor of the “Haigud – Society for Transfer of Technology” – a company established in 1963, following the decision of the Government of Israel, to promote international cooperation between the State of Israel and the countries of the world.
The company operates as a non-profit organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance.
The main activity of the company is to serve as the operational, financial and administrative arm of MASHAV (Israel’s Agency for International Cooperation and Israel’s National Aid Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), in Israel and abroad.
Haigud provides the administrative flexibility required by MASHAV for promotion of international cooperation between the State of Israel and other countries. For fulfillment of this objective Haigud initiates, organizes, promotes, plans and implements the technical assistance proffered by the State of Israel to many countries in the world, and provides a permanent nucleus of experts from different fields. It establishes ties with voluntary agencies and organizations for purposes of implementing MASHAV activities.

14.5.18 – Commercial Law and Litigation – after a long and complex arbitration process lasting for six years, our clients were granted the arbitration for which they were sued. The case was represented by our Attorney and  managing  partner Tziki Woolfson. This arbitration entailed a lawsuit which resulted from the collapse of an American stock exchange company, caused by the fraudulent conduct of the managers of the American parent company, who were consequently sentenced to tens of years in a US prison. We represented two company executives living in Israel, who were personally sued by several plaintiffs. The plaintiffs demanded that our clients pay them the loss of more than $ 2 million, the aftermath of the company’s collapse. The arbitral verdict – which took place before a beneficiary of three arbitrators and included about 30 hearings, witness investigations, expert investigations and summations of more than 500 hours – accepted all our arguments and acquitted our clients.

22.03.18 – Insolvency – Interesting and unusual ruling: The District Court in Haifa acceded to a special Application of Attorney Shahar Katovitz and Attorney Yigal Weinstein of our office, in an Insolvency file and determined that it is appropriate to reward a client (an ordinary creditor without any priority in the file) with respect to his actual efforts to benefit the bankruptcy fund. This concerns a case that has been ongoing since 2007 and which, for many years, until representation was recently transferred to our office, did not yield any significant payment to the liquidation fund.
The Court determined that, in an exceptional manner, the client will be paid an additional 10% from the entire amount that is found in the receivership fund, in addition to the payment owed to him. This means that the Court adjudicated a significant addition for the client, apart from the amount of the dividend owed to him in accordance with his share, due to the assistance he provided in the proceedings of the realization of the land that belongs to the debtor.
The Court determined that this amount faithfully reflects the efforts of the creditor pertaining to the land assets, his appearances at the many court hearings held in the file, and his taking an active role in the proceedings.

19.03.18 – Class Action – The final phase ahead of authorization of the Application for a Class Action vis-à-vis the Israel Airports Authority in the amount of 200 million New Israeli shekels:
After three years during which preliminary legal battles were fought that were primarily focused on a struggle for the disclosure of information, which, according to our contention, the Israel Airports Authority must disclose within the framework of the Class Action, we find ourselves in the midst of three weeks of intensive hearings of evidence in substance of the contentions that arise in this file. As may be recalled, this concerns a Class Action, which was submitted by our office by way of the Attorneys Tziki Woolfson and Erez Ben-David, and deals with the exaggerated parking prices that are currently charged at the airports. We will provide a further update soon.

15.03.18 – Insolvency and Real Estate – “Through wisdom a house is built; and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge are the chambers filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” (Proverbs 24)
Our office sends best wishes to the families of the “Neve Oranim” Project in Safed of the Shai Bagalil Co., on the completion of the construction of the project and receipt of authorization for occupation.
This concerns a first project of several projects of the Shai Bagalil Co., the construction of which was concluded and “Form 4” received for it, under procedures for a freeze of proceedings, which is being managed by the Trustees, the Attorney and managing partner of our office, Adv. Yigal Weinstein, and Adv. Ami Folman.
We would mention that in the month of July 2017, the Honorable Judge Avigdor Dorot, of the District Court in Jerusalem, appointed Adv. Yigal Weinstein and Adv. Ami Folman as trustees in the freezing of proceedings of the Shai Bagalil Assets and Investments Co. Ltd.
During recent months, the trustees formulated a plan, which included mobilizing capital to finance the continuation of construction, an outline for a settlement of the company’s debts, and carried out a wide range of construction in all the company’s projects in Safed and Tiberias.
At present, intensive work continues for the completion of the works and the receipt of authorizations of occupation for additional projects of the company, in the hope that these will arrive in the next few weeks.

15.01.18 – Insolvency and Labor Law – The Attorney and partner, Adv. Rachel Ben Rachamim Sobol, represents employees of the Décor Kitchens Co.
After the company, which comprises about a hundred employees, encountered financial difficulties, Applications for Liquidation and for Receivership by a variety of creditors were submitted against the company in the District Court in Beersheba.
This month, the salaries have not yet been paid to the company’s employees and the employees contacted Adv. Sobol in order that she would represent them vis-à-vis the company with regard to all that is connected to their full rights, including payment of the salary for the month of December.

14.01.18 – Petition to the High Court of Justice – Our office by way of Attorney Tziki Woolfson and Attorney Erez Ben-David represented the Western Wall Heritage Foundation today in a long and complicated hearing, which was held in the High Court of Justice on the matter of “the layout of the Western Wall.” At the hearing, all the issues pertaining to the layout were discussed; however, decisions have not yet been made on the subject. We will continue to provide updates.

31.12.17 – Commercial Law and Litigation – Attorney Erez Ben-David of our office represents a businessman in a combination agreement that encountered difficulties:
A company under the ownership of a developer entered into a combination agreement with the owner of land in the city of Jerusalem to the effect that the company would build a residential tower on private land.
In order to actualize the project, the developer borrowed from our Client one million dollars and as collateral for the loan our Client was given a caveat on the rights of the owner of the land.
After several months, the developer borrowed from an additional entity 1.5 million New Israeli shekels. Our Client agreed that the caveat that was registered in his favor would also be for the new lender.
Eventually, the company breached the agreement with the owner of the land and, accordingly, the caveat was deleted. At the same time the developer entered into bankruptcy proceedings.
Our Client, who did not wish to waive that which was owed to him, entered into a new combination agreement with the owner of the land.
The second lender decided to sue our Client for the amount of 1.5 million New Israeli shekels, with respect to the losses that he incurred, claiming that the caveat that was registered in favor of our Client failed to protect him.
We submitted a Statement of Defense on behalf of our Client and the file is currently found in mediation proceedings.

14.11.17 – Insolvency and Labor Law – one of the partners in our firm, Attorney Rachel ben Rachamim Sobol, represents the majority of the employees of the “Carmel Academic Center” (over one hundred in number), in the process of selling the academic institution (registered as a limited liability company), which as a result of its financial difficulties, was granted, at its request, a stay of proceedings.
As part of the liquidation case, an application was submitted to approve the sale of the academic institution activity to the “Ono Academic College”. The Council for Higher Education in Israel opposed the sale, and insisted thereon, even in the Court hearing on the matter. Our firm expressed support for the sale of the A academic institution activity to the “Ono Academic College”, in view of the fact that the latter undertook to continue to employ 80% of all the staff and the managers, on the same terms, and further undertook to continue to employ the majority of the internal lecturers employed in the academic institution, and at the same terms of employment as before the sale.
It will be remembered that Rachel, in the past, represented the employees of the ”Lander Institute”, which was also an academic institution which was involved in insolvency proceedings. In that process, the Court which heard the case, approved the purchase of the institution’s activity by the “Ono Academic Collee”, despite the opposition from the Council for Higher Education in Israel.
In this case, also, Rachel brought the “Lander Precedent” before the Court, and in view of the position of the trustee, and the support of the employees, the Council for Higher Education agreed to examine the ties once again, and to enter negotiations concerning the sale of the company’s activity to the “Ono Academic College”. We shall continue to update.

7.11.2017 – Petition to the High Court of Justice – our firm represents the “Western Wall Heritage Foundation” in the petition that was submitted to the High Court of Justice on behalf of Emek Shaveh, NGO, against the Fund and other bodies.
The appellant submitted an application for the cessation of archeological excavations in the Western Wall tunnels, and in the holy basin, excavations which have been taking place in the area for a number of years.
The main claim for the application, is that there is no approval by a ministerial committee. According to the appellants, the approval is required as the location of the excavations is a “Holy Site”, and in accordance with a specific article in the Antiquities Law.
The Foundation’s stand, as we are presenting it, is divided into two aspects, procedure, and substance. Amongst other things, we are claiming that the article in question in the Antiquities Law, obligates the convention of the ministerial committee in order to protect the public who use the holy site for religious purposes and intentions, and although there is no dispute that it is a holy site, as, at the present time, the excavations do not serve any religious purpose or intention to do so, there is no need to convene the ministerial committee.
Furthermore, it is claimed by us, that the appellant is repeating claims which were heard and ruled by the High Court, previously, when submitted by the appellant last year; claims which the High Court of Justice did not accept, and so has gone back on that application, and so, the appellant has no standing on that topic once again.
Yesterday, the High Court of Justice handed down a decision, in which the appellant’s application for an interim order was not accepted. We shall continue to update in the future.

13.7.17 – Our firm, through Attorney Tziki Woolfson and Attorney Erez Ben-David, this week filed an application to approve a class action against the Israel Airports Authority, for the sum of NIS 134,000,000 (one hundred and thirty-four million New Israel Shekels). The central argument in the claim is that the authority collects from the public, by means of the airlines, a fee for the use of sleeves for aircraft at Terminal 3, and that this is both illegal, and over – priced. The rates for the use of sleeves are set, exclusively, by the authority, without any supervision, or approval by the government or the Knesset, as the authority is legally required. Therefore, the authority has set exorbitant prices, which are imposed on the flying public as part of the port taxes, incorporated into the flight ticket. It is the applicant’s claim that the authority exploits its right to provide a monopolistic service, granted to the authority by the state, in a situation where the consumer has no other option.

4.7.17 – Insolvency – An additional appointment of Attorney Yigal Weinstein as trustee in the stay of proceedings: His Honor, Judge Avigdor Dorot, of the Jerusalem Regional Court, yesterday appointed  Attorney Yigal Weinstein and Attorney Ami Folman, to be trustees in the stay of proceedings of “Shay BaGalil Property and Investments Ltd”, which deals with the entrepreneurship of residential projects in the cities of Safed and Tiberias. His Honor Judge Dorot determined, that the trustees must examine the possibility of formulating a recovery program, for the company, with the objective of repaying the debt to the creditors, while operating the company in order to complete the construction of 135 (one hundred and thirty-five) homes, in various projects, and delivering them to the purchasers.

11.5.17 – Insolvency –  Attorney Tziki Woolfson, a Managing Partner in our firm, was appointed as liquidator of an Israeli Hi – Tech company, owner of a social network. The specialty of this network is that it is exclusively managed – all its posts and responses – in video clips. $ 2.5 million (two and a half million US dollars) were invested in the company, and it operated for a few years, but did not manage to survive, and went into receivership. With the speed of lightning, in a matter of only a few days, through his knowledge and experience with the investment market, and of various Hi – Tech companies, Tziki succeeded in selling the technology, owned by the company, to an American company, traded on Nasdaq. As a result of the sale, a considerable sum was added to the receivership funds, and we hope that the technology will not be lost, and that we shall still hear of its success.

 7.5.17 – Litigation– Our Firm, led by Attorney Ruth Spitzer was successful in a lawsuit filed on behalf of a client, for the repayment of a loan our client extended five years ago to a “family company”. Since the parties involved did not sign a written agreement, the Court accepted our argument, which was based, inter alia, on Section 41 of Contracts Law, whereby a debtor whose date of indebtedness has not been fixed, will be required to comply within a reasonable period, after receiving due notice (and vis-à-vis our case, the date of submitting the claim, at the latest). As stated, the Court accepted our argument and based its ruling on claims that we argued on behalf of our client.

4.5.17 – petition to the High Court of JusticeAttorney Erez Ben-David recently represented the Western Wall Heritage Foundation in a petition to the High Court of Justice filed by the “Emek Shaveh” non-profit organization. The petitioners sought to determine that the Western Wall tunnels, which are under the responsibility of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, are not only sacred to Jews but also to Christians and Muslims. The High Court of Justice accepted the claims that we made on behalf of our client, and the State’s position, and suggested that the petitioner withdraw its petition. The petitioner accepted the Court’s decision and withdrew its petition.

18.4.17 – Litigation– Our Firm led by managing partner, Attorney Yigal Weinstein and Attorney Ruth Spitzer, were successful in claim settled by arbitration. Our client, a construction contractor, in an arbitration proceeding, sued one of its customers that ordered services from it and stopped paying it, despite the fact that construction had progressed. As a result, our client stopped the construction process and sued its customer in an arbitration proceeding.The arbitrator accepted our argument that when our client’s customer stopped paying, it had violated the agreement between the parties, and the our client-contractor was entitled to postpone the fulfillment of its obligations (in our case – to refrain from continuing the construction), in accordance with the doctrine of “combined charges”. In addition, the arbitrator ruled that the defendant must compensate our client for the extensive damage caused it by breach of the agreement.

9.4.17 – Insolvency and Labor Law – Mega Employees Will Receive NIS 9 Million as part of a Settlement The Central District Court today confirmed a settlement according to which thousands of Mega employees who worked during the stay of proceedings and are still working at the company, will receive a total of NIS 9 million. Inter alia, Attorney Rachel Ben-Rahamim of our Firm, will receive NIS 250 thousand for distribution to Mega employees that she represents and who have personal contracts.

17.3.17 – Proud and happy to announce that this year our firm ranked in Israel as one of the outstanding law firms in the country according to Dun & Bradstreet for the specific practice area of ​bankruptcy and ​insolvency!
We thank our team at the office for giving their all to every matter and every client, and to our clients for their confidence and compliments. There is no doubt that the giving all pays off!

23.2.17 – Our Firm, led by Yigal Weinstein, Attorney and Managing Partner, in cooperation with Attorney Meir David, Certified Public Accountants, serves as the financial management company and financial advisor of the “Beit Givot Efrat” Registered Association (“Amuta”). We, along with members of the Amuta welcome the start of earthwork in the Efrat’s Dagan neighborhood, where 18 housing units will be built for Amuta members.

13.2.17 – Rachel Ben Rahamim Sobol, Attorney and Partner, participated in a conference held by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Israel which dealt with insolvency. Attorney Sobol was invited by the Institute, together with other dignitaries, to take part in a panel discussion on administrative and accounting aspects of insolvency proceedings and changes in the legislation by virtue of the proposed insolvency law.

9.2.17 – Tziki Woolfson, Attorney and Managing Partner, this week participated in a conference held by “Machon Mishpatei Eretz”, where he addressed the religious court judges at the conference on the legal aspect of separate legal personality, in order to help and to formulate a halakhic position paper on the issue, which will assist the religious court justices, at the religious courts.

2.2.17 – petition to the High Court of Justice – Attorneys Tziki Woolfson and Erez Ben-David, represented the Western Wall Heritage Foundation as part of a petition to the High Court of Justice filed by the “Emek Shaveh” Registered Association against the Minister of Religious Services, the Ministry of Religious Affairs, and the Israel Antiquities Authority. The petition deals with the petitioner’s attempts to revoke the holy places regulations or to declare that they do not apply to the Western Wall tunnels. Of course, the State and the Foundation strongly oppose it!
There is no doubt that the petition is “explosive” because of the sensitivity of the place – the “Holy Basin” – and the reason for the petition. We’ll keep updating.

21.11.16 – Petition to the High Court of Justice – Attorneys Tziki Woolfson and Erez Ben-David, represented the Western Wall Heritage Foundation at the High Court of Justice, in the matter of the “Western Wall Outline” and changes to the membership structure of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. Listen to a discussion by Attorney Erez Ben-David in an interview on the “Kol Barama” radio station.

10.10.16 – Insolvency and Labor Law – Our Firm is now finalizing counsel for a group of 120 employees of a security company. The group was counseled by Attorneys Rachel Ben-Rahamim Sobol and Dvori Biton-Zini, from the moment the company collapsed. The entire debt claim that we demanded for them has been paid to the employees (by the National Insurance Institute).

26.9.16 – Real Estate – After lengthy negotiations, a transaction was signed for the sale of a property in Jerusalem, for NIS 19.2 million. The Firm’s staff, led by Attorney Yuval Yishay, was involved in the transaction from the first identification of the buyers, through the negotiations and the final contract.

15.9.16 – Petition to the Supreme Court – Attorneys Tziki Woolfson and Eliyahu Schwartz continue the fight over the Kashrut of sausage rolls. Last night another hearing was held at the High Court of Justice on the matter, during which an operational outline was agreed upon to advance and hasten the remaining tests required to obtain a Kashrut Certificate.

14.9.16 – Petition to the High Court of Justice – Our Firm serves as legal counsel for the Western Wall Heritage Foundation – a Registered Association (“Amuta”) that operates the Western Wall Tunnels. Attorney Erez Ben-David represented the Amuta in a hearing held yesterday at the High Court of Justice. Reform and Conservative organizations, as well as other organizations, filed a petition against the Prime Minister, the Western Wall Rabbi and the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, demanding that their representatives be added to the General Meeting of the Amuta. In the opinion of the Justices, the Petition as it is now worded, is not suitable for providing relief, and the petitioners were asked to amend their Petition.

26.6.16 – Petition to the High Court of Justice – Following an order of the High Court of Justice, Adv. Eliyahu Schwartz, together with a delegation on behalf of the Chief Rabbinate, went to examine the manufacturing process at the Nippi factory, which produces sausage casings for the Tohar Co. The findings of their investigation were consistent with the arguments we contended throughout our handling of this case.

24.6.16 – Insolvency and Litigation – Following years of preliminary proceedings, investigation and analysis of legal and financial material, and after the Court for Bankruptcy, Omer Nirhud reviewed the material in the file and authorized that Adv. Yigal Weinstein and Adv. Liron Narunsky have filed a claim in the amount of NIS 104 million against Israel Discount Bank and others.

11.2.16  – Real Estate – A company represented by our office was permitted to revoke and did rightfully revoke an agreement with a land owner from whom it rented a building. The building was designated for a factory but the owner did not obtain “Form 4” (the form for occupancy). As a result, the company was unable to operate the enterprise. In addition, substantial monetary compensation was ruled for our client with respect to damages it incurred.

7.11.15 –  InsolvencyAdv. Zvi Woolfson and Adv. Yigal Weinstein were appointed by the Court – on behalf of the Receiver General – to a special position of managing an association that was founded in 1886, with the aim of settling Jews in the Jerusalem region. The association has numerous real estate assets, some of which are currently found within the limits of metropolitan Jerusalem and some within the Judea and Samaria region near Jerusalem. The file will require research, which, on the one hand, will entail delving into the depths of the history of the Old Yishuv in Jerusalem and its vicinity, and, on the other hand, will pertain, to some degree, to current afffairs.

16.03.15 – Petition – Attorneys Tzvi Woolfson and Eliyahu Schwartz, representing the company ‘Tohar,’ filed a petition against the Chief Rabbinate after the latter abolished without reasonable justification, its kashrut certification of sausage skin imports from Japan.

23.2.15 – Class Action – a class action in the amount of NIS 200 million was filed last week against the Israel Airports Authority. The lawsuit was filed by Attorneys Tzvi Woolfson and Erez Ben-David from our office. The claim – anti-consumer activity and illegal increase in Ben Gurion Airport and Sde Dov Airport parking prices.

19.11.14 – Torts – After a 5 year battle, the court ruled this week on compensation in the amount of $ ₪ 500,000 on behalf of a client of our firm who was injured in a car accident and as a result suffers from a 30% disability.

11.11.14 – Insolvency – Attorney Yigal Weinstein, co-Managing Partner of our firm, and Ami Pullman, a lawyer appointed by the Honorable Judge Mintz, liquidators of the Lander College, achieved closure of the bankruptcy case of the College regarding the stay of proceedings that began in May 2014.

17.7.14 – International Commercial Law – Represented a foreign medical technology company in creating a satellite outsourcing office in Israel, including negotiating the terms of the outsourcing agreement to insulate the foreign company from liability as well as negotiating the terms of the satellite office space lease.

19.6.14 – International Commercial Law – Represented a foreign contractor, the successful bidder in a government tender, setting up services in Israel for provision to a foreign embassy and consulate, including negotiating service-provider agreements and employment contracts with Israel-based employees.

13.6.14 – International Commercial Law – Woolfson Weinstein & co. negotiated and closed a successful merger and acquisitions matter on behalf of an Israeli medical device high tech company.

29.5.14 – International Commercial Law – In the area of coffee-making technology, we recently successfully negotiated and executed a 16 million Euro contract on behalf of our client with an Italian licensee.

11.5.14 – International Commercial Law – Woolfson Weinstein & co. represented an Israeli food industry company in a multi-million-Euro licensing and distribution agreement with a multi-national food services company.

4.5.14 – International Commercial Law – A team of attorneys from Woolfson Weinstein & Co. are currently representing a foreign company in cooperation with a major law firm in Toronto Canada, in an investment transaction and purchase of shares by that foreign company in a technology company in Israel.

1.5.14 – International Commercial Law – Our firm over the past few weeks successfully negotiated an agreement between a US specialized technology construction company and an Israeli contractor for submission of a joint American-Israeli bid for a multi-million-dollar project tender of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

24.3.14 – Commercial Law – We recently took on the representation of a company shareholder who acquired a large property in the center of Jerusalem against the other shareholders. Our client’s claim dealt with fundamental issues such as corporate law, breach of founders’ agreements, a shareholders’ derivative claim, corporate officers’ liability, reporting requirements of the company, the fiduciary duties of officers, discrimination against minority shareholders, and questions of good faith and proper management of the company. The financial component of the claim in addition to other components is valued at approximately NIS 4.5 million.

18.3.14 – Commercial Law – Our attorneys successfully closed a large investment round and acquisition in an Israeli biomed company.

1.2.14 – Commercial Law – Jewish law (Halakha) forbids taking and receiving interest. This issue is particularly complex. In light of commercial needs, it is an issue that has received lengthy treatment — during many centuries in the context of matters that have arisen under Torah law before various rabbinical courts (Batei Din). The complexity arises from the determination of what kinds of sums can be considered as falling within the definition of interest and thus as prohibited and what kinds of sums can be considered as falling outside that definition and thus are permitted. In this context, the firm recently won a precedent-setting ruling in the field of the heter iska [a legal device allowing a sum of money to be considered as falling outside the definition of interest and thus permissible] allowing the collection of approximately 500,000 Euros.

14.3.12 – Real Estate & Commercial Law – Lately we submitted a comprehensive legal review regarding the possibility of filing a lawsuit as between partners to real estate activities in Romania.

10.2.12 – Civil Wrongs (Tourts) and Insurance – The firm recently settled a torts action (involving an automobile accident) on behalf of its client the plaintiff in the action, achieving an award of approximately three hundred thousand NIS.

4.2.12 – Tax Law – On behalf of our client, a leading insurance company, we achieved a refund of 600,000 NIS from the Tax Authority.