Tziki Woolfson, Managing Partner

Adv. Tziki Woolfson is a managing partner in the offices of Woolfson Weinstein & Co.


Adv. Woolfson’s practice areas include Commercial Law and Corporate Law, including the winding up and dissolution and reorganization of companies, and he is the senior attorney in the office handling Litigation, Commercial and Corporate Law, and the Laws of Insolvency.


Adv. Woolfson provides legal counsel on commercial transactions and agreements, investment and finance transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and international transactions. He represents foreign entities in Israel as well as advising real estate developers in connection with exclusive real estate projects. Adv. Woolfson represents and advises clients on an ongoing basis. This includes providing assistance with determining employment procedures organizing and supervising board of directors meetings, audit boards, finance committees, and administration.


In addition, Adv. Woolfson heads a special project representing employers before the tax authorities on tax refunds and represents dozens of the largest leading entities in the Israeli market as part of a tax refund project resulting from errors in the computer systems of the Tax Authority.


In the area of bankruptcy and insolvency, Adv. Woolfson has been appointed by the District Courts as special director of companies during freezing procedures, liquidator in cases of corporate insolvency, and trustee for private individuals in bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, Adv. Woolfson represents both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.


Adv. Woolfson provides legal consultation and advice to corporations, non-profits, and private individuals on measures to prevent insolvency as well as advance preparation prior to bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. He provides legal consultation and advice on settlements with creditors, both representing creditors and representing debtors.


In addition, he advises corporate officers and directors in matters implicating corporate officer and director liability, in conducting a defense and ensuring protection of their rights.


In addition, Adv. Woolfson serves as an arbitrator in commercial  disputes.


Adv. Woolfson also is a Notary Public.