Tax Law

The field of taxation is complex and requires extensive knowledge of local Israeli tax law as well as international tax law. Woolfson Weinstein & Co. offers exceptional experience in this area.

Attorneys in the office’s Tax Department advise and represent individual clients, companies, non-profit organizations, and developers on a continuing basis before various departments within the Tax Authority. Tax issues may include international taxation, representing assessees on appeals and in administrative and criminal proceedings, municipal property taxes, appreciation levies, capital gains tax on real estate, and assessments of the Israel Lands Administration.

The office is also one of Israel’s leading firms in representing clients vis-à-vis the Tax Authority on tax refunds to employers – insulating those employers from errors in the computer system of the Tax Authority. On this matter, the office represents dozens of the largest leading entities in Israel, as well as smaller- to medium-size entities.

Our firm provides legal services to its clients from the phase of locating errors and examining entitlements to refunds to contacting the Tax Authority and, in the event that a refund has not been obtained, representing the client in the pertinent judicial proceedings.