Real Estate and Land-Use Planning Law

Real Estate and Land-Use Planning Law is a complex field that requires creative thinking together with extensive professional knowledge of real estate law, building and planning law, and commercial law.

At Woolfson Weinstein & Co., the Real Estate and Land-Use Planning Law Department represents and counsels property developers and Israeli companies on an ongoing basis in real estate transactions in Israel and abroad, including, among other locations, in Europe and the United States.

The Department specializes in the sale of real estate properties in Israel and abroad, construction project initiatives, land expropriation, changes in land-use designation and zoning, expansion of Moshavim (cooperative settlements), and also counsels in complex real estate projects as well as providing litigation services in all of the foregoing areas.

Attorneys handling real estate transactions provide legal services for their clients throughout all phases of a transaction, from its inception to closing. This includes performing due diligence, commercial and legal negotiations preceding a transaction, shepherding complex planning proceedings, writing reports, contacting relevant government authorities, offering counsel – legal and commercial – on agreements with sub-contractors and service providers, and drafting those agreements. Our real estate attorneys also provide legal representation, when necessary, in court proceedings involving rental, construction, and sales, as appropriate for the type and extent of the project, and handle the registration of the transaction on closing.