Labor and Employment Law

Labor and Employment Law is a broad and clearly-demarcated practice area within substantive law that is nonetheless closely related to Commercial Law. This field includes complex issues related to employee–employer relations.

The office of Woolfson Weinstein & Co. offers full legal services to its clients with respect to labor law, including to both employers and employees.

Attorneys of the Labor Law Department advise employers prior to the date of accepting an employee for employment, through the process of changing the work conditions of an employee, and up to and including the employee’s termination.

The department provides clients with such services as writing preliminary legal expert opinions or ongoing expert opinions as necessary as well as pursuing litigation in all of the above-mentioned areas.

In addition, attorneys at Woolfson Weinstein & Co. represent employees in employment relations issues vis-à-vis their employers, beginning with the phase of negotiations over employment conditions, and including consultation with respect to exercising an employee’s rights and adjustments to changed employment conditions and circumstances, or when the substantive law itself changes. If necessary, our attorneys also represent clients in labor and employment employer-employee disputes.