Dr. Shachar Katovitz, Partner

 Attorney Shachar Katovitzis began working at Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2014.

Shachar advises the firm’s clients, directs them and gives professional opinions in a broad wide of legal matters in various fields, including administrative law, bankruptcy and economic rehabilitation, commercial law, civil law, etc.
Before coming back to the private sector, Shachar served as Magistrate Judge, in the Jerusalem Bailiff’s Office, and, in addition, was in charge of the field of receivership.

In the field of insolvency and economic rehabilitation, Shachar consults and guides the firm’s clients, companies and individuals, starting with preventative measures and initial preparations for the process of bankruptcy and economic rehabilitation, thru to the instigation of, and advice with, creditors’ composition agreements.

In addition, Shachar advises executives in corporations (companies, NGO’s and associations) that find themselves in difficulties and serves as an officer appointed by the Court in bankruptcy processes.

In the field of administrative law, Shachar advises and represents the firm’s clients in various types of administrative petitions, including planning and construction, laws of tender, infrastructure, etc.

In the area of commercial law, Shachar handles a long list of clients, including leading businessmen, public figures, institutional bodies and private individuals, in a range of processes in judicial proceedings in Israel. Beyond what has been mentioned, Shachar is an expert in many aspects of law and serves as an arbitrator and mediator in complex commercial and civil disputes in the Israeli market. Moreover, he provides advice to external lawyers who consult him in his fields of expertise.

Shachar has also published a book, and a number of articles in legal journals, in his fields of expertise; he is a junior faculty member at the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and is one of the leading experts in the field of bankruptcy and the Bailiff’s Execution Office.

Practice Areas:

Execution of Judgments, Debt Collection
and Insolvency
Administrative LawLitigation

Bar-Ilan University, LL.B, 1996
Bar-Ilan University, LL.M, 2000
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, PhD Law, 2019

Licensed: 1997

Languages: Hebrew, English