Ziva Ofek

back Ziva Ofek, Attorney tel: 972-2-6789111 | cellular: 972.54.3234475 email: zivao@ww-law.co.il Download as vCard Adv. Ziva Ofek joined the offices of Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2009. She is the office’s leading attorney in Civil Wrong (Tort) cases, in general, and personal injury cases in particular, in maximizing the utilization of individuals’ National Insurance rights, and in Family Law cases. Adv. […]

Shimrit Ohayon

back Shimrit Ohayon, Attorney tel: 972.2.6789111 email: shimrito@ww-law.co.il Download as vCard Attorney Shimrit Ohayon began working at Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2019. Attorney Ohayon works in the spheres of insolvency, company liquidation and rehabilitation, labor law and insolvency litigation, especially with regard to representing employees during insolvency proceedings in which their employers are involved. Attorney Ohayon provides […]

Yigal Weinstein

back Yigal Weinstein, Managing Partner tel: 972.2.6789111 | cellular: 972.52.2403644email: yigalw@ww-law.co.il Download as vCard Attorney Yigal Weinstein is a Managing Partner in the firm of Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. Yigal has a wealth of experience in many fields of commercial and civil law, corporations, banking, international commercial law, tenders, real estate, international transactions, labor law, taxation, wills and inheritance and […]

Tziki Woolfson, Managing Partner

back Tziki Woolfson, Managing Partner Tel:972.2.6789111 | Cellular: 972.54.7789111Email:tzikiw@ww-law.co.il Download as vCard Adv. Tziki Woolfson is a managing partner in the offices of Woolfson Weinstein & Co. Adv. Woolfson’s practice areas include Commercial Law and Corporate Law, including the winding up and dissolution and reorganization of companies, and he is the senior attorney in the office handling Litigation, […]

Rachel Ben Rachamim Sobol, Senior Partner

back Rachel Ben Rachamim Sobol, Senior Partner Tel:972.2.6789111 | Cellular: 972.54.7789111Email:rachels@ww-law.co.il Download as vCard Attorney Rachel Ben Rachamim Sobol is a partner in the law firm Woolfson Weinstein & Co. Rachel works in the spheres of insolvency, company liquidation and rehabilitation, labor law and litigation. Within the insolvency sphere, Rachel specializes in representing employees during the insolvency proceedings […]