Erez Ben-David, Partner

back Erez Ben-David, Partner tel: 972.2.6789111 | cellular: 972.50.8822057 email: Download as vCard Adv. Erez Ben-David joined the office of Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2006. Adv. Ben-David practices in the areas of Commercial Law and Corporation Law, with emphasis on voluntary associations and non-profit organizations. Adv. Ben-David further specializes in the purchase and sale of real estate properties and […]

Elijah M. Schwartz, Attorney

back Elijah M. Schwartz, Attorney tel: 972.2.6789111 | cellular: 972.54.2127789 email: Download as vCard Adv. Rabbi Eliyahu Schwartz joined the offices of Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2004 as an articling student and stayed on following his licensing as an attorney in 2005. Adv. Schwartz specializes in Family Law, Real Estate and Land Law and land development. Adv. Schwartz also […]

Yeshurun Ram-Cohen, Attorney

back Yeshurun Ram-Cohen, Attorney Tel: 972.2.6789111Email: Download as vCard Adv. Yeshurun Ram-Cohen began working in the offices of Woolfson Weinstein & Co. in 2013, after his internship at E.S. Shimron, I. Molho, Persky & Co. Adv. Ram-Cohen is a graduate of the joint program of the Faculty of Law and the Department of Philosophy at the Hebrew University of […]

Ilan Kaminetsky, Attorney

back Ilan Kaminetsky, Attorney tel: 972.2.6789111 | cellular: 972.54.3055000 email: Download as vCard Adv. Ilan Kaminetsky joined the offices of Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2009 and heads the labor and employment law department. Adv. Kaminetsky specializes in Labor Law, offering full support for employers on the one hand, while ensuring that employees fully exercise their rights, on the other. […]

Dr. Shachar Katovitz, Partner

back Dr. Shachar Katovitz, Partner Tel: 972.2.6789111ֻֻֻ| Cel: 972.51.590.7700email: Download as vCard  Attorney Shachar Katovitzis began working at Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2014. Shachar advises the firm’s clients, directs them and gives professional opinions in a broad wide of legal matters in various fields, including administrative law, bankruptcy and economic rehabilitation, commercial law, civil law, […]

Liron Narunsky, Attorney

back Liron Narunsky, Attorney tel: 972.2.6789111  email: Download as vCard Adv. Narunsky is a graduate (with honors) of the joint program of a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She joined the offices of Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2012. Adv. Narunsky advises clients on Civil […]

Lev Miller, Attorney

back Lev Miller, Attorney tel: 972.2.6789111, mobile: 972.52.8380580email: Download as vCard Adv. Lev Miller joined the offices of Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2020 and specializes in Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Employment Law. Having spent over a decade abroad in the United States representing companies in a variety of industries including product development and […]

Meir Molad, Partner

back Meir Molad, Partner tel: 972.2.6789111 | cellular: 972.52.4770177email: Download as vCard Attorney Meir Molad began working at Woolfson, Weinstein & Co. in 2011. Meir acts as a consultant to Construction Societies in major projects, and to purchasing groups, contractors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and private individual clients, in real estate projects and disputes, while advancing real estate transactions, commercial transactions, […]

Izchak Sulzbacher, Attorney

back Izchak Sulzbacher, Attorney tel: 972.2.6789111 | cellular: 972.54.4642150email: Download as vCard Adv. Izchak Sulzbacher began his legal career in 1974 and is the senior attorney in our offices. Adv. Sulzbacher also specializes in the management of Estates, including the issuance of inheritance orders and orders for probate of a will and handling objections to these proceedings. He also […]

Yuval Yishay, Partner

back Yuval Yishay, Partner tel: 972.2.6789111 | cellular: 972.52.2385368email: Download as vCard Attorney Yuval Yishay started out in the office of Woolfson, Weinstein and Co. in 2007 as an articling student. After receiving his license to practice law, he joined the office’s team as a full-fledged attorney. Yuval advises and represents clients of the office in commercial transactions […]