Urban Renewal (Vacate and Renovate)

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Urban Renewal (Vacate and Renovate) In recent years, there has been significant momentum in the field of urban renewal in general, and its specific application in Jerusalem, where numerous residential blocks have formed associations for the purpose of implementing “vacate and renovate” projects. This legal field requires specialized knowledge and vast experience, in addition to the ability […]

Regulation and Regulatory Compliance

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Regulation and Regulatory Compliance Regulation and Regulatory Compliance is complex practice area that involves law and governmental supervision and rule-making. Woolfson Weinstein & Co. represents both Israeli companies and international companies operating in Israel and abroad, on various complex regulatory issues. Attorneys in the Regulation and Regulatory Compliance Department of our office represent our clients […]

Criminal Law – White-Collar Crime

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Criminal Law – White-Collar Crime White-Collar Offenses are non-violent criminal offenses that involve the misappropriation of funds, fraud, corrupt practices (such as bribery), and more. Woolfson Weinstein & Co. has extensive experience in handling financial cases involving tax offenses, fraud, and violations of the Prohibition of Money-Laundering Law, the Securities Law, Copyright Law and more. […]

Tax Law

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Tax Law The field of taxation is complex and requires extensive knowledge of local Israeli tax law as well as international tax law. Woolfson Weinstein & Co. offers exceptional experience in this area. Attorneys in the office’s Tax Department advise and represent individual clients, companies, non-profit organizations, and developers on a continuing basis before various […]

Wills, Trusts and Estates

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Wills, Trusts and Estates Wills, Trusts and Estates is a delicate practice area that requires understanding of a client’s individual needs while being cognizant of the complex situations inherent in these areas. Our attorneys are experienced in handling wills, trusts, and estates, and accompany the client through the ins-and-outs of the entire process. This begins […]

Labor and Employment Law

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Labor and Employment Law Labor and Employment Law is a broad and clearly-demarcated practice area within substantive law that is nonetheless closely related to Commercial Law. This field includes complex issues related to employee–employer relations. The office of Woolfson Weinstein & Co. offers full legal services to its clients with respect to labor law, including […]

Execution of Judgments and Debt Collection


Execution of Judgments and Debt Collection Woolfson Weinstein & Co.’s has extensive experience in the area of Bankruptcy and Receivership. The firm’s attorneys are frequently appointed by the courts and Execution Office Official Receiver to liquidate and reorganize various properties. The firm’s lawyers manager, sell, and reorganize assets by order of the Court or the […]

Administrative Law

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Administrative Law Woolfson, Weinstein & Co., provides broad cover in the field of administrative law, and supports its clients from Israel and abroad in a variety of administrative matters. The firm’s clients in the sphere include, private clients, various corporations and organizations, which we represent in various petitions on a variety of subjects. The firm’s […]

Real Estate and Land-Use Planning Law

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Real Estate and Land-Use Planning Law Real Estate and Land-Use Planning Law is a complex field that requires creative thinking together with extensive professional knowledge of real estate law, building and planning law, and commercial law. At Woolfson Weinstein & Co., the Real Estate and Land-Use Planning Law Department represents and counsels property developers and […]

International Commerce Law

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International Commerce Law Woolfson, Weinstein and Co., Law Firm, has, for many years, been active in the field of international commerce law. Our firm, has, for years, been supporting our clients’ in a wide variety of international deals.Attorneys from our firm conduct commercial transactions and agreements, investment and finance deals, due diligence, mergers, purchases, international […]