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The Registered Association Where You Worked Collapsed? There is Someone to Help You!

Writer: Rachel Ben-Rahamim Sobol, Attorney.

In recent years, due to Government cutbacks in the budgeting of Registered Associations, many find themselves in financial difficulties. 

The main victims as a result of said situation are the employees of the Amuta. What can the employees do?

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Why is it Important to Finalize the Registration (Quickly) of Land Gift Transactions?

Writer: Meir Molad, Attorny.

Have you received a gift from a family relative, but the recipients do not bother to register it with the Land Registry Office? Shall you start signing him now and run to the Land Registry? The answer is yes! It is most advisable to make an effort to finalize the transaction as quickly as possible.

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Arbitration in the Age of the Global Village

Writer: Tziki Woolfson, Attorney.

Sometimes these are arbitrations involving international companies with branches in Israel and/or employees in Israel, and the arbitration results have direct implications for entities in Israel and enforcement of the arbitration award is necessary in Israel. It is also possible that an arbitration process according to Torah Law will be held abroad, but its outcome has implications for various assets or persons/legal entities in Israel. In this case, too, enforcement of the award in Israel is required.

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The Unsecured Creditor

Writer: Yuval Yishay, Attorney.

Of the many businesses that open, only a few survive. The situation is even worse for small businesses. These businesses that collapse often leave behind many creditors. What can a "small" creditor Do?

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Bankruptcy Proceedings – A Summary

Writer: Liron Narunsky, Attorney.

The bankruptcy process is intended for a person who is in debt and cannot repay his debts. In any bankruptcy process, the debtor is the person who has fallen into debt, and the creditor is any party (company, individual, or partnership) to whom the debtor owes money.

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Are You a Defendant? How Do You Protect Your Rights During a Claim?

Writer: Ruth Spitzer, Attorney.

One of the steps that claimants often take is imposing "restrictions" on the defendants, or in legal language "temporary relief", which is designed to ensure the claimant's ability to receive the amount of his claim if he wins his claim. The potential damage to the defendant ranges over a wide range of options, from damage to the marketability of an asset, and up to affront to the good name of the defendant. How can a defendant protect his rights during a claim?

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Foreclosures and Arbitration Proceeding

Writer: Tziki Woolfson, Attorney.

Someone owes someone else money. Sometimes that person, the winner/claimant, knows that even if he sues the debtor, and even if he wins, his chances of collecting his debt are remote, because the debtor has nothing left, or, knows well how to hidel his money, or that he will do his best during the hearing to make his money "disappear".

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Bank-Customer Relationships; Business Relationships or Special Trust Relationships?

Writer: Erez Ben-David, Attorney.

The relationship between the banks and customers is complex. Legal rulings have created a "duty of trust" between the bank and its customers, and thus the banks are required to act, vis-à-vis the management of the customers' funds, in the best manner for the customer and not in consideration of the bank's profits.

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Minority Interests in a Company

Writer: Tziki Woolfson, Attorney.

We are frequently faced with investment opportunities, a business opportunity. Occasionally, we do not have all the money required for it, and we join up with several people in order to execute the transaction. In this way, we become partners with other parties. As a result, when decisions must be made we are not the only ones who decide and not the only deciding party. Sometimes our part of the venture – when considering the amount invested - is small compared to others.

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Transparency and Disclosure Requirements

Writer: Tziki Woolfson, Attorney.

In recent years, we have been hearing about "transparency".  What is transparency? Is it necessary? Why and who does it help.