Administrative Law

Woolfson, Weinstein & Co., provides broad cover in the field of administrative law, and supports its clients from Israel and abroad in a variety of administrative matters.

The firm’s clients in the sphere include, private clients, various corporations and organizations, which we represent in various petitions on a variety of subjects.

The firm’s team advises, support and represent its clients against government authorities and other organizations, that are subject to the rules of administrative law. In this respect, the firm represents in judicial proceedings that deal with disputes in the field of the administrative law, in the processes of tenders against public organizations, and various state authorities, and also, in submitting applications for the permits and licenses required by law.

The attorneys in our firm regularly represent in administrative petitions in the High Court of Justice, and in recent years, as part of our representation as legal counsel for the government society called the “Western Wall Heritage Foundation”, we are involved in important and complex High Court cases, such as the High Court proceedings concerning the Western Wall Dispute, amongst others.

Our firm has accumulated, over the years, a wealth of experience, on both sides of the fence – sometimes as representatives of the petitioners, and sometimes as representatives of the defendants. Consequently, we have accumulated a lot of experience in working with the High Court Department of the Attorney general’s Office, both as representatives of petitioners, and as representatives of defendants. And we have built a relationship of mutual respect and regard, which is of immeasurable value to our clients.





Y.Ram Cohen